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About Zendesk Sell
Zendesk Sell is an integrated sales CRM that provides the tools you need to effectively build and nurture your customer relationships.
Zendesk Sell and Dotdigital

Who we are

At Dotdigital, we harness the power of customer data to drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale.

About the integration

Dotdigital and Zendesk Sell work together to enable you to keep your customer data aligned, up-to-date, and ready to create targeted, data-driven marketing and customer engagement opportunities.

Develop more efficient ways of working and seamlessly nurture prospects with our two-way integration. By combining the powers of Dotdigital and Zendesk Sell, you can create automated, personalized communications to help you achieve your growth goals.

How it works

The Zendesk Sell integration for Dotdigital allows two-way synchronization of contact, lead and product data, as well as subscription status (opt-in or opt-out).
  • Optional use - choose which data types you want to synchronize.
  • Three sync directions - you can opt to sync your data:
    • Zendesk Sell to Dotdigital
    • Dotdigital to Zendesk Sell
    • Bi-directionally (default)
  • Hourly synchronization - ensure data is up-to-date on both platforms with hourly synchronization.
  • Data alignment - set a ‘master’ system during installation and align your data between Zendesk Sell and Dotdigital.
  • Custom data field mapping - create custom fields to store all the contact data you need across both platforms.
  • Subscription status - map opt-ins and opt-outs using data fields or tags and define a default subscription status for leads and contacts.
Use Cases
Support your team
The integration supports both marketers and sellers within your organization as they work towards a common goal of better engagement and increased sales, with targeted and customized cross-channel communication flows.
Control your data
Specify sync status and direction individually for different data types. When it comes to consolidating your data, you decide how this is mapped from Dotdigital to Zendesk Sell and vice versa. With supported syncs for your contact and lead data, opt-in and opt-out status, and product catalog, you’ll have all the data you need to utilize Dotdigital’s range of intuitive features to power targeted cross-channel communications.

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