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About Phanes
Phanes is an eCommerce and digital marketing collective from Belgium. We are a a network of digital experts specializing in different aspects of online commerce and communication. Our collective includes: Us, Induxx,, Gumbys, Sidekick, Meteor and eWings.

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Phanes and Dotdigital

Phanes and Dotdigital form a powerful partnership in the realm of marketing automation. This collaboration is especially valuable for growing businesses and ambitious brands aiming to enhance their customer engagement.

Phanes plays a pivotal role in implementing Dotdigital, assisting numerous B2B, B2C, and e-commerce businesses. Their certified Dotdigital consultants seamlessly integrate other solutions, leveraging Dotdigital's plugins for various e-commerce platforms and CRM systems.

This synergy between Phanes and Dotdigital not only elevates marketing automation but also offers a holistic approach to the customer journey.

"At our core, we are dedicated to collaborating with our clients to create impactful experiences for their customers. Whether you operate in the B2B or retail sector, our mission is to help you fully harness the potential of your platform."
Joint Customers
Sofie Dumont
"We want to offer our loyal newsletter subscribers the best customer experience by personalizing our content based on their preferences. In this first phase, 3 marketing segments were selected: Are you looking for more veggie inspiration, baking fun or kidsproof recipes? Or you want it all? You choose! Based on these new insights we can target more efficiently relevant content topics to a highly interested audience, which offers added value for our partners too. With the help of Dotdigital we can also automatize our customer journey: New subscribers get a warm welcome, virtual tour on our platform & a free e-book with Sofie’s favorite recipes. Is it your birthday? We’ve got that party started! ;) And this is only the beginning…"
Essentiel Antwerp
"Essentiel Antwerp is known for surprising Belgian fashion with striking prints and trendy colors. They want to inform their customers at the perfect time with their fantastic content. The solution? Marketing automation! The partners? Us and DotDigital. The result? After the one-time effort to set up the automatic mailing process, the workload decreases significantly, while the number of contact points with the customer increases. A win-win!"

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