About Silverbear
Silverbear 365 is a feature-rich, future-proofed association software specially built to manage member-based organizations.
Silverbear and Dotdigital
The only certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner working with member-based organizations in the UK and Ireland.

Silverbear 365 is the software of choice for more than 70 associations in the UK and Ireland, serving in excess of 4.2 million members. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Dataverse, and Azure, Silverbear securely manages over £440m of subscriptions, donations, and payments every year.

Working exclusively with membership-based organizations, Silverbear can help you maximize your relationship with your members – and help you achieve significant efficiencies, too.

Silverbear enables member-based organizations to efficiently manage many tasks, including:
  • Membership acquisition and renewal.
  • Member finance.
  • Case management.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Fundraising.
  • Events and conferences.
  • Education and CPD.
  • Payment processing.
Silverbear believes that great membership organizations have great relationships with their members – they are just closer. They follow the same principle with their partners; that way everyone pulls together to make it a success.
"What you get with Silverbear is a huge breadth of experience and a thorough understanding of how membership organisations work. Our previous experience with CRM was very poor, yet Silverbear was able to not only enthuse the team and ensure that they bought into the process, but also deliver on what they promised. We're delighted with the new system and look forward to using the time we've saved to invest in the organisation and its members."
Use Cases
Member Self Service
Empower your members to keep up-to-date by managing their data online, and reduce administration for your team. Members can manage their membership via Silverbear 365’s comprehensive self-service portal. Communicate directly by posting event listings, news, and industry articles, and enable your entire membership to update their personal information, communication preferences, and renewal information online. Using Silverbear 365 you can quickly capture members’ preferences, build dynamic marketing lists, deliver transactional messages, and eliminate irrelevant communications. You can also set up data retention policies, manage subject access requests, and enforce your members’ data protection rights. For more information visit
Performance improvement
Silverbear will help you to engage with your members, manage your core financial processes, and deliver insights into how you can improve your organization – but can also deliver much more. By helping you to make the most of your data, Silverbear supports you to realize your full potential by delivering a tailored Client Engagement Plan that is focused on continual performance improvement.
Digital enablement
Silverbear 365 provides tried and tested functionality for membership organisations. This enables you to develop a strong internal team to utilize Silverbear 365 for business improvement and truly unlock the benefits of digital transformation. Over time, this relationship will naturally evolve, and Silverbear will become an enabling partner that ensures your team makes the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and all the benefits it offers you. Find out more about our product features:
Marketing Automomation
Engage members with meaningful, personalised communications and campaigns with integrated digital tools. Silverbear 365 supports a range of marketing solutions such as Dotdigtial from a single platform. Drawing on best-in-class technology, we empower email, SMS, and online communications to help you get personalised messages to the right people at the right time. Communicating with your members has never been easier. Read more here:
Joint Customers
Natural History Museum
"CRM is at the top of the museum's digital strategy. Therefore we spent a long time finding the right supplier to work with us. We needed someone who understood our industry and some prebuilt configured product to do a job. However, we also needed a genuine partnership: an organisation that could jointly share the rewards and pain of our ambitious Microsoft CRM plan. Silverbear has proven to be what we needed. It has been a genuine partner in our changes which are transforming the museum"
Dave Thomas
Head of ICT, National History Museum
Read NHM's full case study
Royal College of Nursing
"To pull off a transformation project of this size is not an easy prospect, let alone at a time when we have never been busier and staff on both sides are working remotely. Silverbear provided the guidance we needed to get the project successfully across the line to support our members in challenging times. The software is now live and initial feedback from users has been positive. Microsoft and Silverbear's technology have allowed us to take our organisation to a new level and we're proud to be able to offer this innovation to the nursing community across the United Kingdom"
Read RCN's full case study

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