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About XCM
XCM utilize their Customer Data Platform, Horizon, to put customer understanding, powerful analysis and actionable insight at the beating heart of your business. When finding the right CRM partner, why should you have to ‘choose’ between technical power and marketing intelligence?
XCM and Dotdigital
Leverage Your Data - A laser focus on how customers feel and behave becomes second nature when you have the capability to transform and leverage your data. That’s why XCM build cutting edge CDPs and integrate them with countless systems and partners to provide a platform to unlock the true potential of your customers.

Bespoke and Customizable - The everyday data connected to your customer is complex: often coming from multiple sources and systems, controlling and utilizing it can be a daunting prospect. To XCM, however, it’s their ‘bread and butter’! Vital to meeting this challenge is their fully compliant customer data platform: HORIZON.

Realize Your Potential - With HORIZON in place and the data harnessed, the brakes are truly off – outputs and opportunities you struggled to realize in the past become standard practice. Advancing your thinking and approach towards the lifecycle, journey and mindset of your customers can now be tackled with relative ease.

But XCM don’t stop there – from this advanced understanding they create tangible strategies and actions to power your marketing towards enviable business growth.
"In a world of incredible change, it’s critical our business connects with our customers to understand their needs, enabling our hotel teams to deliver the experience our customers want and deserve. Partnering with XCM will ensure our CRM will be agile, powerful and fully integrated into our PMS & CRS environment. Enriching data across our entire portfolio of hotels with a single customer view granularity enabling our hotel teams to recognise and reward our customers no matter which of our 18 addresses they choose."
Use Cases
Integrating your Customer Data Ecosystem
Create a Single View of the Customer through the matching, cleansing and enrichment of integrated data sources. These sources collection points are accessed through methods such as API's, Webhooks and more. This gives a flexible approach to consolidating the customer data ecosystem.
Insight, Analytics, Modelling & Reporting
The ability to interrogate and track customer data when producing analytical and predictive machine learnings models such as Next Best Action / Channel / Product, Customer Lifetime Value, Propensity to Buy, Churn, Attribution and many more. Customer reporting dashboards are used to measure performance.
Feed Campaigns with Sophisticated Data Models
Using the wider scope of intelligence and variables available on customers to power execution (Martech or Adtech). This will ultimately drive a higher degree of targeting and personalization.
Customer Marketing Strategy
Horizon delivers the data and tools needed to help push you towards business objectives and KPI's. XCM's support team help to create workstreams and deliverables which are based on the customer strategy collaboratively set-out.

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