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Comma Consulting is Greg Randall. Greg is a Strategist, Customer Experience Design Specialist, Business Transformation Leader, Author, and Data Specialist. Greg worked with the Experience Design strategists from Amazon USA, and is globally recognized as thought leader in customer experience design. Greg has published five books on this subject matter.
Comma Consulting and Dotdigital
What makes Greg unique is his substantial access to data. Greg is a specialist in data analysis and stitching together data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of his client's customer, which is then used to drive informed decision-making.

In Greg's 20 years of leading business change, he has analyzed billions of consumer path data sets and interviewed thousands of frontline retail sales and support employees. This has provided Greg with a powerful and accurate perspective of what works and what does not.

The combination of Greg's experiences, the manner in which he uses data to drive decision making, and his industry-leading knowledge in eCommerce/Digital best-practice forms the foundation to how he works with businesses to drive profitable growth.
"Greg unpacked our business requirements and put together a researched, achievable, and bespoke treatment that we were able to implement to success. Bringing a breadth of experience and up-to-date industry insight into his recommendations, Greg represents the consumer-first approach required of a comprehensive UX overhaul. The end result of our project has attracted positive attention from digital leaders of other markets within our global company."

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