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About Zeidman Development
Zeidman Development work in a creative and responsive way and are dedicated to helping their clients solve their data challenges. They create integrations, add-ons, and customizations, and offer consulting and training services. Zeidman Development integrate Dotdigital with Raiser's Edge and RENXT to transfer data seamlessly between the two.
Zeidman Development and Dotdigital
Zeidman Development are experts in non-profit data, ensuring that your data is accurate, consolidated, and secure, so you can make the most of your analysis.

Importacular integrates Raiser’s Edge and Dotdigital, allowing a two-way flow of data between the systems, for a full 360 degree view of donors. Importacular allows you to connect Dotdigital to RE and RE NXT. It offers:
  • Seamless integration, improving data quality and avoiding errors or duplication.
  • Completely customizable mapping, bringing in contact updates, mailing results and consent details.
  • Completely customizable record matching criteria.
  • Export Raiser's Edge data directly into Dotdigital.
  • Easy to get started! Importacular is available as a default plug-in for all users.
Zeidman Development also offer training packages and support; contact them for pricing.

No more duplicates, no more data manipulation, you choose where your data goes.

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