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C2 Software are the developers of Subscribe360. Established in 1997, their technical excellence and commitment to meeting client requirements with high-quality solutions underpin everything they do. C2 Software’s vision is to provide the best subscription and membership management solution scaling to meet all Association Management requirements.
C2 Software and Dotdigital
C2 have a proven reputation for delivering membership solutions with Subscribe360. They understand how important providing an efficient service is for membership organizations, helping them build and nurture relationships with their members and adding value across all operations. Their focus is on how organizations can retain and grow their membership, continually looking for innovative ways to increase revenue and add member value.

While membership organizations typically have similar objectives, they all have their unique processes and requirements. Subscribe360 is a flexible solution that provides a framework for Membership Relationship Management that can be tailored to the exact specifications of an organization. With Subscribe360, C2 have looked to capture the most common membership requirements in an out of the box solution powered by Dynamics 365.

As well as being Dynamics 365 Solution Advisors, C2 are also systems integrators, and have an established web development team. This allows C2 to provide web-based, self-service member portals that are fully integrated with the organization's website.

The Subscribe360 breadth of functionality encompasses Subscription Management, Marketing and Engagement, Finance Processing and Direct Debits, Events and Conferences, Fundraising and Self-Service Portals.

Subscribe360 is also integrated with Dotdigital for campaign automation including remarketing for abandoned Events and Shop baskets.

Subscribe360 has 1,100 end users supporting 460,000 members and collecting £150m in Subscriptions and Donations every year.
"The Society cares passionately about protecting the public's health but to get our message across to thousands of members, stakeholders and public health experts, we needed a CRM system that was agile and supported ambitious aims for the future.

The Dynamics 365-based Subscribe360 product had Membership, Events and PowerApps Portals modules implemented, together with integrations to the existing website, payment gateway, Direct Debit service provider and the Dotdigital marketing automation platform.

We had some real challenges to overcome in this project and not just from a technical perspective, but also from a logistical one regarding timescales and the added complication of everyone working from home. A big thanks to the project team here at the RSPH and also C2 Software, who was always there for us, ready to help and answer questions and help us meet our timetable, whilst at the same time maintain the excellent customer service levels our members have come to expect from the RSPH."

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