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At Megantic, we are solely focused on growing online revenue exclusively for eCommerce businesses via technical organic search. We’ve been working with hundreds of Australian retailers for over 10 years implementing our technical, data-driven strategy.
Megantic and Dotdigital
One of the largest pitfalls any merchant can face with search traffic will occur during a migration. Fortunately, Megantic has the capability and expertise to launch your new website from and to any platform. Our number 1 goal is to transfer all the SEO value from your website URLs in order to maintain the organic search revenue currently generated. It's crucial for businesses to consider the SEO and revenue impact an eCommerce migration will have to successfully launch.

Refining our process over years of proven in-market strategies, we've developed an award winning process to successfully manage migration and set up a website for long-term growth online.

If you’re serious about investing in a long term partnership to grow your online sales via organic search, don't hesitate to reach out and have a chat!

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"The team at Megantic are absolute SEO professionals to work with. They offer timely, expert, invaluable, technical SEO consulting. Special thanks to Harvey, Lachlan & Phil for your assistance on our campaigns at The Good Guys."

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