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About Movable Ink
Movable Ink activates data into personalized content in any customer engagement and is a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today.
Movable Ink and Dotdigital
Create Personalised Content in Real-time with Dotdigital and Movable Ink.

Together, Movable Ink and Dotdigital make it easier for marketers to deliver personalized content at scale by automatically generating images at the moment of engagement. Include Movable Ink content in Dotdigital email campaigns to deliver timely customer experiences, and drive overall campaign performance.

Dotdigital allows you to turn customer data and insights into relevant omnichannel marketing campaigns that convert. Combining Movable Ink and Dotdigital allows you to generate email creative based on context, behavior, and user data at the time of open. This ensures that the content of your emails is always accurate and up to date.

Movable Ink and Dotdigital work together to provide:
  • Personalized content at moment of engagement using context, data & behavior.
  • More ROI from existing tech investments by unifying & activating disparate data.
  • Greater email usage and sophistication to drive conversions and retention.

How it works

Movable Ink enhances what you are already doing in Dotdigital.

Simply copy the line of HTML code from the Movable Ink platform, and paste it into Dotdigital's HTML email editor for delivery as usual, no integration required.

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