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Complete Commerce. Integrated Agility. Overdose envisaged a global Digital Commerce Anti-Agency with enterprise capability, underpinned with startup hustle… working in accountable partnerships, focused on delivering accelerated results through bespoke strategies and deep service integration. They call this Complete Commerce.
Overdose Digital and Dotdigital
Since their incorporation in 2016, Overdose has grown into a family of 450+ commerce professionals, with industry-defining capability across Strategy, Experience, Technology, Marketing, Search, Data & Insights.

They don’t sell solutions. They produce business outcomes.

Break the rules.
Think bigger.
Get sh*t done.
"At the beginning of 2021, consumers could purchase Tupperware® products only through a consultant in Australia, by using a consultant’s personal ordering link or attending a famous Tupperware party. As consumer-buying behaviours have changed, there was a need to explore new channels to meet consumers where they are today – online. In under 6 months, sales made online via the new eCommerce website have increased by nearly 100% from Q1 to Q2 (Overdose.’s paid ads making up a substantial portion of those sales). After 60 years of business in the country, this shift in how consumers can access Tupperware® products shows the tremendous transformation Tupperware has undergone, largely helped through our partnership with Overdose."
Use Cases
Acquire. Convert. Retain. • Designing with an experience-first mindset. Like Chess, you need to think several moves ahead. Overdose applies best practice user experience by analysing customer behaviour with data to identify the variance of personas and online objectives and by applying best-in-class eCommerce functionality. • Data Driven UX & UI • Customer Journey Mapping • Mobile / Desktop • Application Design • Conversion Optimisation
Data & Analytics
Data. Insight. Action. Repeat. • Being data-driven is far beyond implementing a shiny new data platform or an analytics tool. Great data originates from strategic business decisions. Translating those business decisions consistently across your UX, Technology, Media & Customer service and Analytics strategies. With cross-vertical experience, OD can help strategise your data roadmap. Make your data your key asset. • Insight is valuable when it can drive real-world action. Repeatedly. All of Overdose.’s disciplines align together to truly unlock the full path to value from your data. Overseen by our specialist data team, Overdose. can help you to understand the full picture and contextualise your business performance across all touchpoints - Social, Search, Web, App, Email, and more.
Performance Marketing
Aquire. Convert. Retain. • Overdose. offers a full-suite digital marketing solution with deep channel experience across all stages of the customer purchase journey. Always tailored to your business, always fully integrated, always pointed at long-term e-Commerce growth. We are top-tier partners with the biggest digital marketing platforms in the world, combining leading-edge technology and best-in-class expertise. • Overdose. has a dedicated team of global performance marketing experts to drive growth for your brand and business. Together, we offer best-in-class strategy and execution across all aspects of performance marketing including Search, Social, Programmatic Display, Video, and Marketing Automation.
E-commerce SEO with a Difference. • eCommerce is highly competitive, with a dizzying array of technical challenges across multiple digital platforms. We are here to make sure you gain maximum benefit from your investment in eCommerce software/platforms. We iron out the technical kinks so you can concentrate on your customer. After all, high search visibility will drive more traffic to your site, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment. That’s where we come in. We start with the foundations: If your website isn’t up to scratch from a technical perspective, you may struggle to achieve your other goals. We follow a comprehensive tech checklist – honed through years of SEO experience – to audit your website. • We keep the communication lines open, offering you a prioritised list of recommendations and solutions. We keep you in the loop on our strategies – and your website’s – performance through regular meetings and data-driven progress reports. We set ourselves apart by thinking about SEO critically and intelligently, always revisiting our strategies and forging new paths.
Through our deep digital commerce experience, we evaluate how core processes and service delivery is digitized, and how value is created at each technology and marketing function. Identify issues, risks and opportunities to optimize these assets for maximum scalability, performance and efficiency. • Audit and Review • Client Success • Customer Insights • Digital Transformation • Systems Architecture
Preferred Partners. Agnostic Approach. • Filling the void between business needs and functional delivery. • We are certified partners and experts on the world’s leading eCommerce Platforms, including; Magento by Adobe, Shopify Plus, Shopware and BigCommerce and have deep experience in marketing platforms such as Google, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok and WeChat. We take an agnostic perspective to Platform selection, ensuring our clients’ business needs are served as the priority. Our approach is abductive, looking for unique & distinct opportunities, whilst maintaining best-in-class baseline solutions. We're a bit different. We think you'll like us. Break the rules. Think bigger. Get sh*t done. Certified partners with Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify & Suite Commerce. We also operate as partners with best in class cloud marketing platforms and have handled complex migrations from legacy platforms.
Joint Customers
"Signet's range of packaging solutions has helped Australia's leading retailers, including Woolworths, Mecca, Bundaberg Drinks and T2 enhance their packaging process. From cartons to stretch films, protective packaging and our eco-friendly range - Signet has everything you need to wrap, pack and ship your products."
"RJ Living embodies the relaxed, Australian way of life; thoughtfully creating designs that enhance the natural beauty of your home. Their products are designed in-house by a passionate female-led design team. Their mission is to create pieces that can’t be found anywhere else, so your space is truly a reflection of you. Since 2012, RJ Living has operated as a family-owned Australian business. Founded by David Janovic, the business was born out of his desire to deliver unique designer furniture without an inflated price tag."
Island Living
"Island Living is the brainchild of Designer Karin Rysgaard and ex-PR consultant Denise Vrontas. The brand embodies a fresh, laid-back approach to your living environment. Lots of interesting textures, from sustainable rattan to reclaimed teak wood, pair blissfully with white wash finishes, hand-carved stone pieces, and luxurious textiles, helping to create interesting, atmospheric interiors. For those tired of the same-old, Island Living stocks pieces inspired by the latest global trends in interiors, offering an ever-changing range of stylish yet functional pieces that suit the Singapore lifestyle. Our in-house Designer Karin Rysgaard is constantly on the lookout for unique and interesting products to add to our collection."
Remedy Drinks
"We could tell you that when Sarah and Emmet Condon started Remedy in their kitchen in Melbourne, Australia, they had no idea what lay ahead. But we’d be lying. They had an inkling. It all started with some home-brewed kombucha. Their kids were into it. Their mates were hooked. Family members were dropping by more often for a taste. So, they took a chance. Some might call it a massive risk. They had a young family. No jobs to fall back on. Some savings, a couple of credit cards. Entrepreneurial know-how, but no experience in the food and drinks world. What they did have was big aspirations and a simple belief. They wanted to do something good. Shake things up. They knew that healthy didn’t have to be boring. Healthy could be tasty. Extraordinary, even. They believed we all deserve to know that too."
"Woop was founded by Thomas Dietz, a Parisian foodie who is a true global citizen. Thomas lived all over the world before settling in New Zealand in 2008. He brought with him a passion to bring top-quality, internationally-inspired meals into New Zealand homes, and in 2015 Woop was born. At Woop, we believe at the heart of a good life is great food, that the decisions we make around what we eat reflect who we are and the life we aspire to. Our mission is to make it easy to prepare beautiful food, in a fraction of the time. In our kitchen, it is calm. Everything in its place. Mise en place, as the French say. This guides our approach to pre-preparing our delicious ingredients & handcrafted sauces to make your life easier. Woop takes inspiration from some of the best globally inspired dishes and combines it with the freshest local New Zealand ingredients, so you can prepare a beautiful, homemade meal in under half an hour."
"One day in 2004, 3 of us - all mates - were having a general chat about life, as you do, and we got to the topic of shirts. All three of us had lived overseas where selection, price and the ability to buy online meant that shirt shopping was actually a pleasure. However back here the choice and cost of shirts meant we were just not buying them on a regular basis. And we were sure we weren't the only ones who felt like this. The landscape was changing in the way men were dressing."

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