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About BigCommerce
Whether you’re just starting out or an established high-volume business, BigCommerce has the features you’ll need to empower your online growth.
BigCommerce and Dotdigital

Who we are

At Dotdigital, we harness the power of customer data to drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow. Our powerful capabilities help ecommerce marketers like you acquire, convert, and retain customers at opportune moments.

About the integration

Power-up your marketing using valuable customer insights including RFM personas and order and behavior tracking. Take advantage of Dotdigital's range of automation tools to create all the multi-channel marketing programs you could ever need.

Dotdigital is made for busy marketers. Designing emails is a breeze, segmenting audiences takes no time at all, and automating workflows and programs saves you time to re-focus on other priorities.

With your ecommerce data in Dotdigital, you can take advantage of features including:
  • eRFM persona insight
  • intelligent product recommendations
  • abandoned cart & browse recovery
  • transactional emails & SMS
  • product & order data synchronization

How it works

Dotdigital's installation wizard makes setup a breeze. Easily map and sync your data, customize your emails and chat widget, and install the necessary scripts in just a few clicks.

See the Dotdigital difference immediately as you’re prompted to customize your emails. Use our transactional email manager to keep communications like shipping confirmations on brand.

Dotdigital creates a selection of must-have campaigns, such as abandoned cart and welcome emails, which you can edit in the platform. Then get started with the drag & drop program builder to set up triggered customer nurture and post-purchase marketing journeys.
"Memorable customer experience remains a top priority for businesses, which is impossible to achieve without the proper understanding of who your customers are.

As the industry becomes competitive and content-driven, it’s important to remain relevant and engaging at the same time. Partnering with Dotdigital enabled us to leverage the data collected through the automation tools, segment them, and create highly engaging content for our customers."
Use Cases
Go Headless
Headless Commerce is the perfect solution for brands looking for a more customized website experience. It allows retailers to utilize the back-end architecture of BigCommerce in conjunction with a separate front-end platform. This way, creative merchants don’t have to rely solely on the capabilities of BigCommerce’s design structure. But just because you want an custom shopping experience doesn’t mean you should lose out on the ability to use plug-in apps. Fortunately, you can easily install Dotdigital to your headless BigCommerce store and rest assured knowing all of your ecommerce data will sync across.
Inspire engagement
Build beautifully branded email campaigns with zero design experience; our EasyEditor does all the work for you. Plus use carefully crafted SMS, chat messages, and app notifications to grab your customers’ attention and drive them to purchase. Automate cross-channel messages following customer actions like abandoning a cart or completing a product information form.
Powerful insights
Specifically designed dashboards allow you to track your revenue, orders, and customers giving you a complete picture of campaign performance. Use the purchase data at your fingertips to better segment and target your customer's with eRFM profiling.
Identify your valuable customers
Use segmentation templates to find and retarget high-intent browsers. Our data fields and dynamic content blocks will allow you to easily send relevant and personalized messaging.

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