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About valantic
valantic: Your digital transformation partner. With 150 specialists in the Netherlands and +2000 European colleagues, they are your full-service digital partner to achieve digital business success. Strategy, webshop design, technology and online marketing under one roof.
valantic and Dotdigital
valantic (formerly known as ISM eCompany) is a full-service digital commerce agency in Rotterdam. With more than 150 specialists and 12+ awards, they have been the digital commerce agency of the Netherlands for 30 years.

valantic have one mission for their customers: maximize your digital commerce success.

30 years of experience

Since 1992, valantic have been developing a future-proof and distinctive digital strategy for their clients with great pleasure. For example, they help develop and set up product information management systems, build (international) webshops and optimize online marketing channels. The goal of their 150 seasoned ecommerce professionals is therefore to maximize the omnichannel success of their customers.

valantic customers

Customer satisfaction is valantic’s greatest asset. They have been among the top in ecommerce for years and work for a wide group of customers, from international B2C multinationals to leading B2B parties.
Use Cases
Dutch Search Awards: 2 nominations together with
Together with we have been nominated in 2 categories: Best Shopping Campaign and Best CRO Campaign. Product specs matter! By visualizing the most important product specifications in images, we created +18.6% conversion on desktop and +3.2% conversion on mobile for Lobbes. Do you want to know what that looks like? Go to: (also useful for Sinterklaas or Christmas shopping).
Nomination Dutch Search Awards: Best CRO Campaign for King Louie
For King Louie, sustainability is an important part of the brand strategy and communication to the outside world. But does communicating sustainability in Google, Meta and onsite have a positive effect on purchasing behaviour? Solution? We set up an ad copy A/B test in Google Ads to validate whether sustainability in headlines actually leads to a positive influence on consumer behavior. Result? A series of experiments with sustainability throughout the customer journey. Google Ads: CTR: +14% Conversion:+5% ROAS: +8% Onsite: Mobile Conversion: +7% and Desktop Conversion: +12.68% Meta CTR: +77% Cost-per-view content: - 43.8%
Dutch Search Awards: 3 nominations together with
Together with we have been nominated in 3 categories: Best PPC Local Campaign, Best PPC Low Budget Campaign and Best Display Campaign. For the starting point of this case we were asked the following question: How do we increase the brand awareness of among young people with a very small budget without being able to use Google and Meta? Solution and result? By combining Digital Out Of Home in student houses with smart 3rd party display targeting, branded search traffic has increased by 53% and the number of orders by 100%!
Nomination Dutch Search Awards: Best PPC B2B Campaign for ACES Direct
Aces Direct is a B2B party with a wide range of IT Products. The request from Aces Direct was to be able to advertise at product level, for their important search terms, without using Google Shopping. With the Channable Text ad generator and a custom feed with ad customizers, the entire campaign was created automatically and dynamically, with all items consolidated as much as possible at Ad group level. The result? A dynamic and automatic B2B search campaign, according to the Hagakure method. Resulting in a ROAS of +1294%.

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