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Abacus helps brands and communities grow revenues and improve engagement with personalized offers and experiences across multiple channels and product sets. Their specialist cloud platforms manage digital content, websites, paywalls, ecommerce and subscriptions. They provide sophisticated Single Customer View and engagement functionality for professional institutions, publishers and member organizations worldwide.
Abacus Software and Dotdigital
The Abacus suite of products is comprised of three main modules – Webvision Cloud, ADvance Platform and Market Intelligence Platform.

Webvision Cloud is a GDPR-compliant Digital eXperience Platform, comprising professional mobile-friendly website, enterprise-class CMS and market-leading audience engagement database. The functionality is highly configurable and flexible, giving users the ability to be in full control of the customer experience from content management and delivery to audience engagement and tailored digital communications. This allows your website to quickly evolve to reflect the changing nature of your commercial business model, without the usual associated programming and design costs.

ADvance is an award-winning platform for organizations of any size that need to provide their audience with a relevant and engaging experience across all content formats and devices, at affordable prices. ADvance is highly configurable. This includes audience data capture (forms and access control), product e-commerce (bundles and pricing), marketing and communication channels.

Abacus’ Market Intelligence Platform (MIP) combines best-of-breed elements of the Webvision publishing platform with Microsoft PowerBI’s class-leading business intelligence tools to provide an easy route to monetising your data. A world awash with data offers huge commercial opportunities for smart publishers who can pull this raw information together and transform it into actionable market intelligence for their customers. With its in-built subscription and access and entitlement capabilities, the platform fully covers all aspects of market intelligence product development from presentation to monetisation.

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