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Dotdigital and Nosto

About Nosto
Grow faster with the world’s first Commerce Experience Platform — an integrated suite of data-fueled personalization and merchandising solutions.
Nosto and Dotdigital

Who we are

At Dotdigital, we harness the power of customer data to drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale.

About the integration

With the Nosto integration for Dotdigital, you can include Nosto Email Widgets in your email campaigns, surveys, pages and forms, allowing you to make use of the intelligence of Nosto to promote the right products to the right audience.

Keep track of your audiences by syncing your Nosto segments to Dotdigital, enabling you to more effectively target your customers and create powerful, data-driven multi-channel automations.

By personalizing your email marketing for each individual customer you can:
  • Increase KPIs such as CTR and conversion
  • Increase the relevancy of your email campaigns without the need to re-think your vendor strategy
If you’re a Magento merchant, you can add Nosto to your Dotdigital for Magento solution, by installing Nosto via Magento Connect.

How it works

Use your Dotdigital API credentials to link to your Nosto account, and then follow the step-by-step guidance to configure the data sync for contact segments and create your email widgets.
  • Nosto segments are synchronized to a Dotdigital Contact data field, enabling the use of targeted automations and personalized communications
  • Nosto content integrates directly with Dotdigital’s EasyEditor with App blocks. You can drag and drop Nosto content into your email campaigns, surveys, pages, and forms, without touching a single line of code.
"By tailoring our email marketing to include recommendations for individuals, we have been able to capture the attention of our audience with more tailored, valuable communications which has improved conversion by 20%."

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