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About Apparel21
The leading clothing and footwear specific business solution in Australia and New Zealand, Apparel21 is one of the few systems to incorporate merchandise planning, retail back office, and retail Point of Sale (POS) functionality in a single integrated solution.
Apparel21 and Dotdigital

Who we are

At Dotdigital, we harness the power of customer data to drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale.

About the integration

Import your Apparel21 commerce data into your Dotdigital account to take advantage of our wide range of commerce intelligence tools, and utilize your customer data to maximize your ROI.

The Apparel21 integration gives you the power to:
  • Develop insights into your sales and customer data with our ecommerce dashboards.
  • Categorize your customers using RFM analysis, and get in-app guidance on how to engage most successfully with each category.
  • Create personalized customer journeys with our range of automation tools.
  • Make the most of our AI-powered Product recommendations, in your emails and on your website.

How it works

Install the integration through our in-app Integration Hub following step-by-step guidance. Once active, the integration:
  • Imports your product catalog as AccountInsight.
  • Imports your customers as contacts, where an email address is available.
  • Imports your order data as ContactInsight.
New data is synced every 15 minutes to ensure you’re always up-to-date.
Use Cases
Targeted communications
With supported sync for your contact, order and product data, you’ll have everything you need to create targeted cross-channel communications using Dotdigital’s catalog of intuitive features.
Ecommerce insights
Interactive ecommerce dashboards provide instant insights into your customer behavior and sales patterns so you can concentrate your marketing efforts where they will have the greatest effect.

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