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Rave Digital, an Adobe Silver & Silver Innovate Exchange Partner, and four-time Magento Imagine Award winner, specializes in end-to-end ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C clients. With over 30 certified Adobe Commerce Developers, they have a proven track record of delivering exceptional ecommerce experiences worldwide.
Rave Digital and Dotdigital
• Adobe Silver & Silver Innovate Exchange Partner • Four-Time Magento Imagine Award Winner • Exceptional Client Relationships, Strategic Partnerships, and Industry Recognition • Specializing in End-To-End eCommerce Solutions for B2B and B2C Clients • Over 30 Certified Adobe Commerce (Magento) Developers • Designed and Delivered Hundreds of eCommerce Stores • Developed More Than 100 Third-Party Customizations and Integrations • Expertise in Implementing Complex Omni-Commerce and Multi-Channel Global Solutions • Second Largest Extension Provider for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce • Top-Ranked Extension Provider on Magento Marketplace • Our Clients Receive Free Access to Our 57+ Aheadworks Extensions • Industry Focus On Publishing, Automotive, Medical • Trusted Leader in Delivering Exceptional Ecommerce Experiences
"Our recent implementation of Magento as a core component of our digital ecosystem is one of our most substantial accomplishments to date. The Magento platform has enabled us to realize our vision of providing our customers with an engaging digital marketplace and will facilitate the continual achievement of our ecommerce and digital marketing initiatives. Together with our valued partner Rave Digital, we have created a world-class online environment that will position us to reach our growth and conversion metrics well into the future."
Use Cases
Enhancing User Experiences and Boosting Conversion Rates: A Magento Case Study for Topps
Rave Digital Agency was approached by Topps, a premier brand, to enhance its eCommerce performance and user experiences. The goal was to improve customer lifetime value, add-to-cart rate, and eCommerce conversion rate. Rave Digital devised a comprehensive strategy that included personalization and fan/team subscription services, custom card implementation, a loyalty rewards program, advanced navigation, a smooth payment process, and efficient data management. These solutions led to impressive results, with a 48% increase in customer lifetime value, a 31.5% improvement in the add-to-cart rate, and a 17% increase in the eCommerce conversion rate. Topps expressed satisfaction with the exceptional site performance achieved through the collaboration, solidifying Rave Digital's reputation as a trusted partner in eCommerce. Overall, the strategic implementation of Magento open source development significantly transformed Topps' online store and boosted their business success.
Optimizing Performance and Monetization: A Success Story for America's Test Kitchen
Rave Digital Agency partnered with America's Test Kitchen to revamp their website, improving user experience and driving revenue growth. The existing website suffered from outdated design, cluttered layout, and slow loading times, negatively impacting user engagement and potential revenue. Rave Digital Agency's objectives included a modern and intuitive design, optimized performance, increased revenue through ad placement and monetization strategies, and enhanced content discoverability. The agency conducted user research, developed a user-centered design approach, and implemented responsive design principles. They optimized performance with faster loading times and utilized content delivery networks. The revenue generation strategy involved redesigning ad placements, integrating native advertising and sponsored content, and implementing user tracking and analytics. The collaboration resulted in improved user experience, increased revenue, enhanced performance, and improved content discoverability for America's Test Kitchen. - Increased Overall Pageviews by 39% - Boosted Average Session Duration by 26% - Achieved a 24% Increase in New Users Accessing the Website
Revolutionizing Med Lab Supply: Rave Digital's Impact on Website Traffic and Revenue Growth
Rave Digital's digital marketing initiatives revolutionized Med Lab Supply, leading to a significant increase in website traffic and revenue. Within just six months of implementing their strategic approach, Med Lab Supply experienced a remarkable 50% surge in website traffic. Rave Digital's comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including website optimization, content marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing, played a pivotal role in attracting qualified leads and enhancing brand visibility. Furthermore, their platform advancements, such as advanced e-commerce integration and mobile optimization, improved the overall customer experience. As a result, Med Lab Supply achieved a substantial 30% increase in revenue, highlighting the transformative impact of Rave Digital's digital marketing expertise in the medical laboratory supply industry. ✓ Increased website traffic by 50% within six months of implementing digital marketing strategies. ✓ Med Lab Supply Experienced a Significant 43% Increase in Revenue ✓ Med Lab Supply Witnessed an Impressive 73% Increase in PPC Revenue ✓ Rave Digital’s Efforts Led to a Notable 29% Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)
Enhancing B2B Sales: How Rave Digital Transformed National Oak Distributors with a Custom Mobile App
Rave Digital collaborated with National Oak Distributors, Inc., the leading Automotive Paint, Body, and Equipment (PBE) warehouse distributor, to create the National Oak Distributors App. This specialized mobile application successfully addressed organizational challenges by providing B2B business owners and sales teams with a user-friendly platform for placing unique or customized orders. With advanced search functionality, effortless navigation, and streamlined order management, the app significantly improved operational efficiency. As a result, National Oak Distributors experienced increased customer satisfaction, higher sales volumes, and a more seamless purchasing process. ✓ Rave Digital streamlined operations by developing the National Oak Distributors App, enabling efficient order placement for B2B business owners and sales teams. ✓ The app enhanced the customer experience through advanced search, easy navigation, and real-time stock availability information. ✓ Improved efficiency was achieved with the app's order management system, benefiting both sales representatives and customers. ✓ The National Oak Distributors App resulted in increased sales volumes as customers found it convenient to make purchases directly from their mobile devices. ✓ The app's features, including product reviews and easy order management, contributed to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.
From Digital Challenges to Success: How Rave Digital Helped The Spice & Tea Exchange Drive Sales and Advance Technologies
The Spice & Tea Exchange, a franchise-based business specializing in spices and teas, sought to enhance its online presence and boost sales revenue. They partnered with Rave Digital to achieve their objectives. Rave Digital implemented customized solutions, including a loyalty program, an appealing webstore, targeted ad campaigns, and streamlined inventory management. The results included increased overall traffic, reduced cart abandonment rate and cost per acquisition, improved average order value, enhanced customer experience, valuable consumer insights, and streamlined operations. Rave Digital's expertise helped The Spice & Tea Exchange become a top-rated brand in their industry. ✓ Customized Solutions: Rave Digital implemented tailored solutions, including a loyalty program and appealing webstore design, to enhance customer experiences and drive sales revenue for The Spice & Tea Exchange. ✓ Advanced Technologies: Leveraging Magento Commerce and integrating CIN7 inventory management software, Rave Digital streamlined operations, managed vendors' purchase orders, and improved efficiency for The Spice & Tea Exchange. ✓ Enhanced Digital Marketing: Rave Digital executed location-specific ad campaigns based on real-world visits, boosting sales, brand recognition, and digital marketing efforts for The Spice & Tea Exchange. ✓ Increased Traffic and Revenue: Rave Digital's optimization strategies led to a 130% increase in overall traffic, resulting in higher revenue and improved customer engagement for The Spice & Tea Exchange. ✓ Valuable Consumer Insights: Rave Digital collected consumer behavior and purchasing habit insights, empowering The Spice & Tea Exchange to make data-driven decisions, personalize experiences, and refine marketing strategies for increased revenue growth.

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