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About Searchspring
The #1 Search, Merchandising, and Personalization Platform built exclusively for ecommerce. Leading sites choose Searchspring to deliver the ultimate shopper experience.
Searchspring and Dotdigital
Searchspring is the global leading ecommerce search, merchandising, and personalization platform that has provided merchants with powerful, unique, proven product discovery and shopping experiences since 2007.

About the integration

Together, Searchspring and Dotdigital empower ecommerce brands and retailers to personalize the online shopping journey from their online store to email marketing strategies. Connect your Searchspring and Dotdigital accounts to create email campaigns with 1:1 personalized product recommendations pulled dynamically from Searchspring’s proprietary personalization solution.

How Does it Work?

A shopper visits a brand’s website to browse or search for pages and products. Searchspring’s personalization algorithm makes product recommendations based on the shopper’s purchase intent.

Dotdigital provides a flow and template so that brands can display these personalized product recommendations in their email campaigns.

Searchspring Personalization blocks within Dotdigital EasyEditor
Searchspring integrates directly with Dotdigital's EasyEditor. The integration can be set up within moments following the step-by-step instructions, directly from within your Searchspring account.

Use your Dotdigital API credentials to link to your Searchspring account. Once the connection is authorized, your Searchspring messaging personalization profiles can be seamlessly synced to your Dotdigital account. Once the Searchspring profiles are synced, you can easily drag and drop the App blocks into your Dotdigital email campaigns, and promote the right products to the right audience.

The integration dynamically recommends products most relevant to email recipients based on search queries and previous shopper behaviors.

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