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About CartSave
CartSave helps you capture twice as many emails with your abandoned carts, doubling the reminders sent.
CartSave and Dotdigital
CartSave adds 5% to 10% more revenue from your existing traffic by doubling the amount of abandoned carts you are able to follow up with and recover. The service works in parallel with your existing abandoned cart program in Dotdigital.

CartSave does this by using five advanced tactics to help identify otherwise anonymous carts and make them reachable. On average only 20% of carts that get created on your store ever get far enough through the funnel to have an email address or mobile number added to that cart. After implementing CartSave's five advanced tactics, merchants typically see their reachable carts go from 20% to 50%, meaning they are able to follow up with two to three times the amount of abandoned carts.

The service works within Dotdigital in a new program that only executes if the default abandoned cart program is not already following up with that cart. This ensures that all revenues from the CartSave automation are not cannibalizing any of your existing abandoned cart automation revenue.

CartSave currently supports the following ecommerce platforms:
  • Magento / Adobe Commerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
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